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Legalizing marijuana will NEVER be the answer

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PLEASE READ: There are very good reasons on why weed, marijuana, pot should remain outlawed and here is the website i used as a reference: All I am saying is give me ONE very good reason why marijuana should be legal OTHER THAN DRUG CARTELS WILL BE REDUCED AND HELP THE ECONOMY. Ron Paul is also seen in this video as well. I also believe that marijuana is also a gateway drug that leads to heroin and meth. I would create a bill called “The Cleaning Up America Act” this act if i was a

4 comments on “Legalizing marijuana will NEVER be the answer

  1. lekkervoorje on

    @lekkervoorje that the marijuhana is a very effective pain relief ( That is not physically addictive or extremely aggresive ) and it helps to counteract nausea from the treatments ( Chemotherapy). Yes, it doesnt help with late-stage cancer patients, and its not helpful for everyone but there is a large enough amount of people that DO benefit from it. It has also been proven useful in different muscle-diseases.

    The gateway drug argument is an argument that i hear a lot ( cont)

  2. lekkervoorje on

    @lekkervoorje but i personally think that substance abuse is an environmental factor. ( Upbringing, family situation etc.)

    I’m not saying that marijuana has no dangers, and i think that the use of it should be regulated and discouraged, but it’s not dangerous enough to have someone get a criminal record for something that’s as dangerous as drinking a beer.

    I think it should be legalized or AT LEAST decriminalized.

    And yes, i used it for quite some time. As long as your healthy its harmless

  3. FederalistFilms on




    I’m sorry, this is the biggest pile of crap I’ve ever seen, Michael. Expect … some sort of response from me soon.

  4. lekkervoorje on

    I am sorry, but you’re horribly misinformed about this topic in my opinion. If you really think these things, surely you should be of the opinion that alcohol and tabacco should be outlawed aswell, and that there should be life in prison for someone with a keg of beer right?

    Marijuana is fairly harmless in itself, and it should ofcourse be illegal to drive under influence. Just as it is with alcohol.

    The reason cancer and MS patients get prescribed with medical Marijuhana is (Cont)

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