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Hydroponics Vs Soil: Which is best?

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Hydroponics Vs Soil: Which is best?
Which is better for growing cannabis plants – hydroponics or soil?

This is a debate that has run for decades and for many, it is simply a case of convenience or simple, personal preference.

Of course, there is one place where soil is better than hydroponics, and that is outside.
There is another factor to take into consideration, and that is the type of cannabis plant you want to grow.

Indica strains are great for growing outdoors when the temperature can drop suddenly as autumn turns into winter.

Sativa strains are great for growing outdoors where summers are long.

Growing cannabis plants in soil is the simplest method, and therefore better for novice growers.

However, plants grown in soil tend to grow more slowly, so if you are impatient, you may want to consider hydroponics.

One area where hydroponics scores heavily is when you are looking for a high cannabinoid content.
Additionally, using hydroponics to grow cannabis plants can reduce the amount of maintenance as you can set up a drip-fee irrigation system.

However, to get the most out of growing cannabis plants hydroponically, you really need to have good background knowledge of the plants themselves.

In general terms, the yield from cannabis plants grown hydroponically is much greater than for those grown in soil.

As you might imagine, and especially if grown indoors, hydroponics systems are less prone to bug and pest infestation as most of the bugs, though not all, require soil for part of their lifecycle.

Budget also has to be taken into consideration as it generally costs more to create a hydroponic growing set-up as opposed to using pots and soil.

Getting the level of nutrients right for a hydroponics system is tougher as it is less forgiving, and any mistakes in the pH level have to be instantly rectified.

So, is either option better?

The answer depends wholly on your circumstances, the type of plant you want to grow, the strength of the cannabis harvested and your understanding of the nature of cannabis plants.

Maybe you have your own thoughts on the subject. do share them with us in the comments section below.

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