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Can CANNABIS help with the Pain of ARTHRITIS and Joint Inflammation?

Arthritis affects over 40 million people in Europe. Is it any wonder that people are now looking towards marijuana as a means to help combat the debilitating effects of the illness. Arthritis generally comes in two forms. Osteoarthritis, which is usually assoc

publish November 8, 2021 2420
BuildASoil 10×10: HOW TO PREVENT BUD ROT: Season 2, Episode 18

Day 18 of Flower Today we are going to discuss some changes we are making to the environment in the 10×10 and the reasoning behind it. Since we are getting deeper into flower we are going to be making some changes to prevent future problems from arising.

publish November 7, 2021 2283
BuildASoil: MUSHROOM FARM TOUR: A walk around at South River Aquaponics greenhouse and mushroom grow

By popular demand, we made time to go by South River Aquaponics for a full tour of their facility. We get to see the entire process for growing mushrooms from start to finish, including a look into the aquaponics greenhouse and how it works. Thank you for watc

publish November 3, 2021 17094
Hydroponics Vs Soil: Which is best?

Hydroponics Vs Soil: Which is best? Which is better for growing cannabis plants – hydroponics or soil? This is a debate that has run for decades and for many, it is simply a case of convenience or simple, personal preference. Of course, there is one place wh

publish November 2, 2021 43
Cultivating Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms | PARAGRAPHIC

Cultivating Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms | PARAGRAPHIC Step into the mushroom kingdom and unlock the secrets of fungi. From lions mane and reishi to shiitake and pink oyster, these healthy and delicious mushroom species are worth the effort it takes to grow

publish November 2, 2021 35
10 MYTHS about CANNABIS That simply AREN'T TRUE!

10 MYTHS about CANNABIS That simply AREN’T TRUE! 10 false myths surrounding cannabis! There are a lot of myths, both urban and otherwise, surrounding cannabis, and not all of them paint a rosy picture. This is a shame, as this is not the 1950s and, frank

publish November 2, 2021 28
Why Cannabis makes you Laugh Uncontrollably!

Why Cannabis makes you Laugh Uncontrollably! Who doesn’t need or enjoy having a good laugh from time to time? But do you know why we laugh? Think on this, when we are on our own, we tend to have a chuckle to ourselves when something is funny, even seriously

publish November 2, 2021 25
The 7 STRONGEST WEED Strains in the World!

The 7 STRONGEST WEED Strains in the World! The “Strongest” Cannabis Strains in 2021 Kicking off this list at number 7 we have… Durban Kush At number 6 on our list is “Banana Kush” Coming in at number 5 we have “Blue Walker” Sitting comfortably At

publish November 2, 2021 27
Grow the Perfect Cannabis: 10 Top Tips!

So here it is. Our top ten tips for growing cannabis! Number One, choose the right strain of cannabis plant you want to grow. Genetics plays a big role, both in terms of suitability for growing indoors or out, or what type of cannabis high you want. Two, decid

publish November 2, 2021 48
BuildASoil 10×10: CHAT ABOUT BLUE GOLD FUSION FLOWER: Season 2, Episode 17

We’re using and chatting about Blue Gold Fusion Flower today in quadrant one with the five gallon pots. As well as going over some other options on feeding you smaller containers. Thank you for watching and clicking the thumbs up button! Please don’

publish October 31, 2021 5179
BuildASoil: FAQ #5 The best container size break down

This is FAQ #5 in the 10×10 series Season 2. In this video we answer your questions pulled directly from the comments section. Please don’t forget to hit the thumbs up button if you think we earned it. Check out our website or follow on social media

publish October 27, 2021 20675
10 Top Tips for Growing Auto-Flowering Cannabis Plants

10 top Tips for Growing Auto-flowering Cannabis Plants Auto-flowering cannabis is extremely easy and advantageous in yielding plants in a very short time, sometimes as little as 6 weeks from germination. Today we have listed our Top 10 Tips for Growing Auto fl

publish October 27, 2021 1745

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