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Why Cannabis makes you Laugh Uncontrollably!

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Why Cannabis makes you Laugh Uncontrollably!

Who doesn’t need or enjoy having a good laugh from time to time?

But do you know why we laugh?

Think on this, when we are on our own, we tend to have a chuckle to ourselves when something is funny, even seriously funny.

However, when we are with friends, or if there are others with us, we are more likely to laugh out loud.
That’s because laughing is a form of social interaction.

It informs those around us that may not know us too well that we are not a threat to them, while it informs those who do know us well that we are in a good mood.

How often have you had a fit of the giggles when smoking a joint on your own?

We doubt there’s many of you.

Start to share that joint, and then the laughter is more likely to begin.

Laughing is good for us, which may help to explain why there are therapists who use laughing as a means to positively affect our mood.

So, what is it in cannabis that actually triggers us unto laughing?

Guess what?

We don’t really know, but scientists reckon they’re getting closer to finding out.

You have to admit that with trying to find a cure for cancer and numerous life-changing illnesses, scientists’ list of priorities doesn’t really rank cannabis-induced laughing very high up.

What they do know is that cannabis does affect our cognitive activity – when THC enters our brain it stirs up neurons which are associated with laughter.

Add to this that we have begun to relax, feel light-headed and are in a much better mood than we may well have been before lighting up.

There is almost a multiplying factor, which means that what we might have found funny when not stoned, we now find ten times funnier.

Combine this with socially interacting, and you have the right ingredients for giggling uncontrollably at what is genuinely funny, but also having a good laugh about things that ordinarily don’t even seem funny.

When we are chilled and relaxed, it’s so much easier to laugh and find things funny.

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