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10 Top Tips for Growing Auto-Flowering Cannabis Plants

10 top Tips for Growing Auto-flowering Cannabis Plants Auto-flowering cannabis is extremely easy and advantageous in yielding plants in a very short time, sometimes as little as 6 weeks from germination. Today we have listed our Top 10 Tips for Growing Auto fl

publish October 27, 2021 2832
BUILDASOIL: Deciding what genetics to run. (PART 2)

We are still working through the options for what to run in the upcoming seed making project. This video is really just going to be a seed chat where we talk about what is available and the story behind some of the breeders. We appreciate all the comments and

publish October 24, 2021 23651
BuildASoil 10×10: TOP DRESS EARTHBOXES: Season 2, Episode 16

Today we are applying a top dress to the five gallons in quadrant one and to the Earthboxes in quadrant four. Since they are smaller soil volumes we are packing in some extra nutrients for those plants. Thank you so much for watching! We appreciate all the new

publish October 20, 2021 9437
BuildASoil 10×10: COMPOST TEA: Season 2, Episode 15

This is the compost tea episode for season two! If you followed along in season one you already know we like to brew compost teas, but in this episode we show you a new recipe and how to use it. Thank you so much for watching! We appreciate all the new subscri

publish October 17, 2021 10967
Apple Fritter #Shorts

Apple Fritter #Shorts

publish October 15, 2021 2157
BuildASoil 10×10: WEEK ONE OF FLOWER: Season 2, Episode 14

This is day seven of flower and the plants are stretching! There isn’t much to do today but we wanted to walk through the tent and show you what is happening as we begin the flower stage. Thank you for watching and commenting. Please click the thumbs up

publish October 13, 2021 9917
Apples & Bananas #Shorts

Apples & Bananas #Shorts

publish October 12, 2021 2342
Apples & Bananas #Shorts

Apples & Bananas #Shorts

publish October 12, 2021 2268
BUILDASOIL: The start of our seed making project.

This is the very beginning of our new seed making project. You all asked, and we are going to deliver, we expect this series to span several years and produce some great seeds! Please comment and give us some feedback, even if you have never dropped a comment

publish October 10, 2021 19469
BuildASoil: FAQ #4 Cover Crop

This is FAQ #4 in the BuildASoil 10×10 series. (Season 2) Today we are answering more of your questions and covering some topics on cover crop. Thank you for watching, please click the thumbs up button! And please don’t forget to share this video wi

publish October 7, 2021 21395
BuildASoil 10×10: FLIP TO FLOWER: Season 2, Episode 13

It’s time to flip to flower! This is the day we have been preparing for all through the vegetative stage. We’re going to show you how we foliar spray, train, and defoliate in preparation for the flower stage. Thank you for watching and clicking the

publish October 5, 2021 12276

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