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Randy Orton Suspended for Steroids & Marijuana


June 2, 2012


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Alistair Overeem failed drug test, Steroid trend in MMA with Bear


April 10, 2012


Bear speaks his mind regarding the latest developing story regarding Alistair Overeem needing to appear for the Nevada State of Athletic Commission hearing due to him failing the pre-fight drug test of having steroids in his system. Bear explains steroids are

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Potheads and the Pretentious Pompous Pricks who are Prejudice Against Them: A BITCH RANT!


March 21, 2012


Funny how some of the pricks who judge potheads the worst have taken or are currently on psych meds! Never mind marijuana has cannabinoids which your own endocrine system happens to create naturally, responsible for a sense of well being! And nobody ever died

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Legalizing marijuana will NEVER be the answer


March 9, 2011


PLEASE READ: There are very good reasons on why weed, marijuana, pot should remain outlawed and here is the website i used as a reference: All I am saying is give me ONE very good reason why marijuana should be legal OTHER THAN DRUG CARTELS WILL BE REDUCED AND

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Buy MDPV Fertilizer


March 6, 2011


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