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Cocaine Snorting Obama wants to TAKE AWAY YOUR MEDICAL MARIJUANA!!!


July 19, 2011


I don’t use or condone the abuse of marijuana but don’t see a problem using it for medicinal purposes. However, admitted cocaine snorting and pathological liar Obama claims there is no medicinal value of marijuana. Warmonger, murderer, terrorist an

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Legalizing marijuana will NEVER be the answer


March 9, 2011


PLEASE READ: There are very good reasons on why weed, marijuana, pot should remain outlawed and here is the website i used as a reference: All I am saying is give me ONE very good reason why marijuana should be legal OTHER THAN DRUG CARTELS WILL BE REDUCED AND

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Marijuana Truths Pt 4


March 6, 2011


This is Part 4 of the Marijuana plant. I hope you enjoyed the truth.

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Marijuana Grow Tube