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tokin daily: inside the Pink House Blooms warehouse

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a tour of two rooms in a warehouse that has been dedicated to growing medicinal grade marijuana for the patients of colorado. a very big thank you to the owners/operators of the warehouse for letting us get a peak at what they are currently running. the only reason i had to cut the video off at this length was because a large part of the warehouse was under construction, they were having the floors cut for drainage in a large room and i was told that they will be knocking out a couple walls and

20 comments on “tokin daily: inside the Pink House Blooms warehouse

  1. TheHobbyGrower on

    @Truntur why would you buy trimmings when you dont have any greens, why not just buy greens? yeah you can make hash from the trim but why buy trim buy bud.

  2. ebrans666 on

    Tokin you have been VERY insperational to me. Thank you to your videos they DO help. I am stuck in a state that does NOT have a medical progam but am soon movin to I think Westminster or close by. Hope to meet ya one day it would be AWSOME to get too.

  3. superkick10 on

    indoor growing doesn’t seem very energy efficient at all… i hope they have looked into ways to offset their huge amounts of energy consumption… maybe solar panels on the roof of that thing? just an idea

  4. kookie58k on

    those are what we call donkey dick buds,glad to see your friend is still around ,like is first name Greg good name,my first name.funny fucking Dude the vids and hope he stays around for a while,one love,much love blessings to you guys,stay lit,stay green,Peace Out

  5. rizlablueslim on

    @TheGreekSkater yes, just wont taste good, the norm is to steal the trichs from the plant material for smoking and disregard the leaves after. i think.

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