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Incubator helps budding marijuana businesses grow

May 19, 2015


A new business accelerator is helping startups find their way in the new legal pot market. Canopy, a Boulder-based incubator for pot entrepreneurs, is the first of its kind. As Barry Petersen reports, even the business of marijuana can use a boost from…

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Marijuana Growing Operation Busted in Colorado


September 3, 2014


Authorities used a National Guard helicopter to help remove a marijuana growing operation from a remote and mountainous area near Longmont, Colorado. A sheriff says hikers found about 400 pot plants growing on a hillside. (Sept. 3)Copyright…

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Obama marijuana legalization, Maine State Rep Diane Russell


January 6, 2014


Maine State Rep. Diane Russell on what it will take to legalize marijuana under an Obama administration

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Colorado Prepares for First Recreational Marijuana Sales


December 30, 2013


Marijuana retailers in Colorado are gearing up for New Years Day, when selling pot for recreational use becomes legal in the state.Powered by Producer : Newsy

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THC University Offers Marijuana Growing Classes


February 12, 2013


THC University in Colorado is offering classes on how to grow your own weed. Through classes such as “Growing Marijuana 101,” you can earn your Associates, Bachelors and Masters certification in growing your own pot. Gillian Pensavalle has more.

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Closeups, Grateful; Hang in There


September 1, 2012


I wanted to get some closeups of the Jack Flash; both the bud, and the post-grinder version. I also wanted to thank people for their contribution; Ronnie (sorry for calling you Ronald), Brett, and Jacob for their contribution to the Balloon Expedition / Dog Re

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American Weed – Ep 4 – La Roue Tourne


July 16, 2012


American Weed: La roue tourne Dans cet épisode, la situation sur le cannabis médical au Colorado arrive à son point décisif. Les dispensaires de cannabis vont peut-être disparaitre complètement, une loi étant sur le point de passer. Le propriétaire Jos

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THC Infused Beverage – Sparkling Pomegranate Dixie Elixirs


July 13, 2012


Introducing Dixie Elixirs Sparkling Pomegranate medicated beverage, a refreshing THC-infused beverage produced by Dixie Elixirs & Edibles. Sold only through registered medical marijuana dispensaries, these 12 oz beverages are available in 40mg and 75 mg d

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A bowl with the brother


June 1, 2012


This is a follow-up to the last video, where I was talking about the process to get the Support Badge. But Dan called and talked to the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division in Denver today, and got some good news! It doesn’t look like we’ll need

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Blue Dream, Support Badge, and Social Media


May 31, 2012


This is more of a vlog than anything else, just talking about some recent updates with the process of moving to Denver, including getting a Medical Marijuana Support Badge. I had a light pointed at me and the JVC camera, but I think something happened with the

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Marijuana Grow Tube