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Closeups, Grateful; Hang in There


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Closeups, Grateful; Hang in ThereI wanted to get some closeups of the Jack Flash; both the bud, and the post-grinder version. I also wanted to thank people for their contribution; Ronnie (sorry for calling you Ronald), Brett, and Jacob for their contribution to the Balloon Expedition / Dog Rescue Fund. Otherwise, I tried to get some good shots of the bong in action, The video that talks about the ‘project’ or ‘fund’ or whatever you want to call it: If you would like to contribute: A

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  1. theguythatcouldfly on

    If you click on the link, it shows you how much $ has been raised and the % of goal. People have left public comments on there as well. I actually didn’t read the one from Ronnie asking to not be called Ronald until after I made the video.

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