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Responding to IG’s marijuana video.

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For the record i have not used pot since 2000,and i quit hard drugs November 11-95. the face book page for bill 1550,most people just use it to connect to their Representatives my video on house bill 1550 the h8red42 page IG vid in case he doesent accept this responce this just in pot farmers market

20 comments on “Responding to IG’s marijuana video.

  1. InventorGorilla on

    @GluteusIlluminatus No thanks, I have children, and their future is dependant on my ability to maintain a clear head. Unlike you, I have actually reproduced, and am I a contributor to society. Say what you will, about me, in the end, I will have completed more achievements that will reflect on my existence long after I am dead! YOU? So, take your pea brain,gapped toothed trolling mouth elswhere. Everyone thinks you are an idiot, with a foul mouth, and no education.

  2. ArsenicCigarettes on

    @InventorGorilla You’re being an ass IG. He presented valid points and for some reason you react this way? Living in CA does not mean you know everything about pot sweetie. BTW being a jerk and responding like this to a video that wasn’t attacking you, can do permanent damage to your reputation. Especially in the areas of being taken seriously. So, just go sit down and chill out…..or you could post pissy comments that take low blows concerning a person’s past.

  3. InventorGorilla on

    you are an idiot! I know more about the illegal business, and legal business. Allowing more availability, will increase usage in minors.period. I live in CA. the biggest producer in the continental u.s. And You live in a slow state! I live in a different society all together. Come live in L.A. for a decade or so, then sing this pro-pot song.BTW, meth, and cocaine use, do permanent damage to the brain. Especially in the areas in descision making. So, just go to a dentist and do some research!

  4. InventorGorilla on

    @GluteusIlluminatus Wouldn’t you agree that insulting a person because of religious belief, is also one of the lowest forms of insult? Am I am very proud of the gene pool? Poluted, by me? ya, o.k.! If you knew the extent of my childrens intelligence, beauty, and sensitivity, you wouldn’t say that! But, Thank God, you never will! YOU are the cancer of society. Spreading hate, social division through religious hatred, and bigotry! YOU, are the problem, not God and the believers.

  5. GluteusIlluminatus on

    @InventorGorilla I think insulting people because of their ridiculous beliefs is a very noble endevour actually. I would agree on god not being the problem. But the believers are a serious problem though. Like a mill stone around the neck of society. Constantly dragging it down. It needs to be discarded so humanity can prosper.

  6. GluteusIlluminatus on

    @InventorGorilla Dude… I was just thinking about you. No, not in that way. Sorry to disappoint you. But you do realize that dental cosmetics and dental hygiene/health are seperate matters, right? Or do know and you’re just resorting to the lowest possible form of insults just because that’s the level on which you operate? So what are you? Ignoramus or troll. Or both.

    And I wouldn’t be too proud of having reproduced if I were you. The gene pool has become poluted because of it.

  7. InventorGorilla on

    @ArsenicCigarettes I agree my response was angry. But my experience with these arguments usually means the person has no experience in this dangerous, illegal, and deadly trade, think like him. And I’m sorry, I was so harsh.

  8. InventorGorilla on

    @GluteusIlluminatus Its called going to the dentist on a regular basis. YES, I have an obsession with keeping my teeth for as long as I can! Maintaining my teeth is a very important subject to me. I don’t think I am the strange one, I think the ones who DO NOT take proper care of their teeth are the strange ones. In fact I know that, you can judge a persons hygiene, character, and mental condition, by how well they maintain their teeth. Since, decayed, rotten teeth affect the body on many ways!

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