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My Little Brass Hookah: smoking tips, philosophy, anger, self medication and mood stabilization

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420 SMOKERS TIP OF THE DAY: When tearing off a piece of bud to smoke in your hookah, bong or pipe…put the piece of weed into the bowl ‘whole’ rather than breaking it up into fragmented leaf bits. This is like putting a log on the fire instead of twigs and leaves. You will conserve you marijuana because it will burn nice and slow as it snuffs itself out in between tokes. This saves herb, therefore making it economical, in addition to not wasting precious reefer into thin air…althought it is a

5 comments on “My Little Brass Hookah: smoking tips, philosophy, anger, self medication and mood stabilization

  1. DiaShanti on

    @SuperBipolarMan How have you found it to help you with “bipolarism”? Pardon me for assuming you are bipolar cuz of ur scrn name. But, I dont’ think you really mind 🙂 I am not on any pyche meds, but they have been recommended off and on over the years by various people, including “professionals”. I was afraid to take synthetics because of all the horrow stories about them being addicitve & with some nasty side effects, worst being death from withdrawal. Not into big pharma.

  2. SuperBipolarMan on

    @DiaShanti Yeah I’ve been Bipolar for 10 years now, I’ve seen it all with this illness. I’ve taken so many medications in my life, just to many to count. And for the last 2 years I was “stable” and medicated but I was just left with nothingingess. These last 2 years have been the worst of my life and even medicated I was more depressed than ever. Since like Dec I stopped taking my meds and I am at rock bottom but I am REALLY improving my life and making a HUGE change without meds.

  3. SuperBipolarMan on

    @DiaShanti I feel I am ready to professional deal with this illness while not being medicated because I have so much experience. I know it’s going to be hard, but I would rather die than go back to medication via pills.

  4. SuperBipolarMan on

    So I know what you mean, fuck big pharma I hate it all as well. As for marijuana I have been smoking it on and off more than half my life and has helped me a lot. It helps me to actually reset my mind and soul. At times I relied on it to much and I ended up just getting to disconnected from everything. But I mean like anything the key is moderation and just simply not overdoing it and staying active of course. I haven’t smoked for 2 years but I am looking forward to it.

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