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My Little Brass Hookah: smoking tips, philosophy, anger, self medication and mood stabilization


February 9, 2012


420 SMOKERS TIP OF THE DAY: When tearing off a piece of bud to smoke in your hookah, bong or pipe…put the piece of weed into the bowl ‘whole’ rather than breaking it up into fragmented leaf bits. This is like putting a log on the fire instead

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Manic Monday Marijuana Mode


February 22, 2011

127 Today Paul is off to therapy. There are the commiserate marijuana bong hits. Later on there is the Mile High Norml show clip.

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Manic Excessive Marijuana Smoker


February 19, 2011

168 Paul is off to work and thinking about someone meddling in his business. To cope he smokes marijuana and complains for about half of this video. Then Paul gets odd with a knife acting like Jason Voorhees, plays with a monster puppet, and imp

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