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Medical Marijuana – Medigrow Update 007

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Day 13 of flower and all is well! “Advanced Nutrients” – “Bud Blood” pushed flowers out at 6 to 7 days instead of 2 to 3 weeks! FUCKIN’ A!!

3 comments on “Medical Marijuana – Medigrow Update 007

  1. irondogallen on

    I loved bud blood when i used it last year with my outdoor crop!Now im using bud ignitor.Not sure if i could use them together?!Or if i SHOULD rather.Everything looks great my man!And yea be patient with the noobs.Remember we all start somewhere!

  2. TheJuanaBean on

    Hey, just relize that your viewers dont have the experience that you do… just have some patience with us on our dumb and stupid comments…. were following you because we’re learning from the pros such as yourself… love your vids, keep em coming.

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