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CSIS: Canada’s #1 Terror Suspect + Stupid Food Laws + Pharmaceuticals & Health

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Canada’s spy agency CSIS is using a tactic of surprise workplace visits to intimidate people under investigation to get them to just say whatever CSIS to leave and stop embarrassing them in front of their co-workers. This is just another variation on the intimidation and terrorism of governments and its a perfect example of when I warned the Canadians to please learn from the mistakes the United States made when it started snuggling up to Israel because the more our government gets in bed with I

4 comments on “CSIS: Canada’s #1 Terror Suspect + Stupid Food Laws + Pharmaceuticals & Health

  1. weesoul on

    2012 is a time for change.. a shift in consciousness, let’s change this world for the better. Down with greedy corporations, big pharma and corrupt politicians. down with the nwo and illuminati

  2. natritious1 on

    Has anyone been following the Breitbart story? Check out round 1. Obama is not only probly not an American, he literally got his political beginnings *and funding? schmoozing with international Communists.

  3. ryandanielconroy on

    Appears to be a war against family farming and real food that doesn’t have all the chemicals in it? Check out the Codex Alimentarius. That is what killed your brother.

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