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A Reply: Marijuana withdrawal is similar to tobacco and alcohol? NOT!

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I’m more than willing to hear information that educates me but when the one edifying me tries to tell me something i know to be untrue in the first paragraph I have to say something.

20 comments on “A Reply: Marijuana withdrawal is similar to tobacco and alcohol? NOT!

  1. kleenex3000 on

    Thank you for raising clear words.
    Against pesudoscientifically BENT research.
    All medical research is highly susceptible, to the bias iow the volitional outcome in the mind of the researcher(s).

  2. Saktoth on

    He cites his articles. You can check them yourself. He is just giving an overview of some peer-reviewed research.

    Its interesting that he mostly compares it to alcohol and cigarettes, which are both legal.

  3. C0nc0rdance on

    There are 1070 peer-reviewed scientific articles with full text freely available online on marijuana withdrawal. Go to PubMedCentral and type in “marijuana withdrawal”.

    The top hit is “Cannabis withdrawal in the United States: a general population study” J Clin Psychiatry. 2008 September; 69(9): 1354–1363.

    “Cannabis withdrawal was prevalent and clinically significant among a representative sample of frequent cannabis users.”

  4. C0nc0rdance on

    Addict Behav. 2008 November; 33(11): 1500–1505.
    “Cannabis Withdrawal is Common among Treatment-Seeking Adolescents with Cannabis Dependence and Major Depression, and is Associated with Rapid Relapse to Dependence”
    “The most common withdrawal symptoms among those with cannabis dependence were craving (82%), irritability (76%), restlessness (58%), anxiety (55%), and depression (52%).”

  5. luccaskunk on

    As far as I know he’s a “doctor” as in he has a PhD… in genetics… He’s a Doctor of Genetics… not a medical doctor… so yes, he doesn’t “have a dog”

  6. TheJamesPope on

    i like this video a lot,

    I do also feel like there was bias in the video though he stated there wasn’t going to be, though he himself might not even be, or want to be, bias, the studies are, and just pulling studies that in themselves are bias creates a one sided video

    I was pondering doing a response as well, but yours is quite good


  7. C0nc0rdance on

    1. “Marijuana Dependence and Its Treatment” Addict Sci Clin Pract. 2007 December; 4(1): 4–16.

    2. “An Item Response Theory Modeling of Alcohol and Marijuana Dependences: A National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network Study” J Stud Alcohol Drugs. 2009 May; 70(3): 414–425.

    3. “Cognitive Function as an Emerging Treatment Target for Marijuana Addiction” Exp Clin Psychopharmacol. 2010 April; 18(2): 109–119.

    I’ll stop now… I think you get the point.

  8. C0nc0rdance on

    “Intermediate cannabis dependence phenotypes and the FAAH C385A variant: an exploratory analysis” Psychopharmacology (Berl). 2009 April; 203(3): 511–517.

    “Cannabis dependence is a growing problem among individuals who use marijuana frequently, and genetic differences make some users more liable to progress to dependence.”

  9. C0nc0rdance on

    In the full sample and subset, 44.3% (se 1.19) and 44.2% (se 1.75), respectively, experienced ≥2 cannabis withdrawal symptoms, while 34.4% (se 1.21) and 34.1% (se 1.76), respectively, experienced ≥3 symptoms. The symptoms formed two factors, one characterized by weakness, hypersomnia, and psychomotor retardation, and the second by anxiety, restlessness, depression, insomnia.

    I don’t make this stuff up, and I’m not dogmatic about it. You don’t like what I have to say, but I can’t change that.

  10. JstNEarthling on

    @jaykgrey No “merely” saying it does not make it true but having experienced marijuana for over 40 years I think I know a lot more about it’s effects than a 20 something researcher who has never had an addiction or even been high on anything ….research is not all about books….

  11. Mactunight on


    Are you joking? There is no such thing as pot withdrawal. I’ve smoked a joint a day for 5 months straight, preformed well in lectures and was an active member in society. Once i stopped i kind of disliked it, obviously. I was used to do something for a long period of time, but i got over it within 2 days. If i would have even smoked 1 cigarette a day for 5 months i would be going freaking out on the inside by the second day.

  12. jaykgrey on

    Listened to every word. I understand what you’re saying, sir, but again: case study or testimonial? Testimonials have been proven time an time again to be unreliable. Furthermore, your experiences are very different from others.

    As a final note: I’m very much for the legalisation of marijuana and I myself was incited by a few claims made by C0ndordance. I’m not against you. My point is that your reasoning would not be convincing.

  13. jaykgrey on

    Please, read what I say, read all of it, and don’t read any more. All I said was that case studies are more reliable and that his words, alone, mean nothing and that testimonials are worthless. I never said that there was pot withdrawal.

  14. C0nc0rdance on

    “Cannabis withdrawal in adolescent treatment seekers”
    Drug Alcohol Depend. 2005 May 9; 78(2): 205–210.

    “Nearly two-thirds of the sample indicated that they had experienced four or more symptoms [of withdrawal], and over one-third reported four or more symptoms that occurred at a moderate or greater severity.”

  15. C0nc0rdance on

    Clin Neurophysiol. 2008 February; 119(2): 321–331.
    “Chronic marijuana use was also associated with reduced EEG power in alpha and beta bands at posterior sites. These reductions in EEG power appear to be related to cerebral perfusion deficits and/or thyroid function in marijuana abusers.”
    “Our results suggest EEG, cerebral blood flow velocity, cardiovascular and thyroid function alterations in marijuana abuser with an extended period of use”

  16. SuperShiningSun on

    @JstNEarthling Oh such stupidity… you have have 40 year experience? Fine, but that is limited to the effects on *you* alone, while 20 researchers are able to evaluate the effects on thousands of people.

    And on the “haven’t tried addiction”: have you ever tried jumping in front of a speeding train? No, but you do know it’s bad for you right? Good, then we agree that you in fact asses the consequences of something without actually trying it, which kindda destroys your little dogding there.

  17. C0nc0rdance on

    “Cannabis reinforcement and dependence”
    Addict Biol. 2008 June; 13(2): 188–195.
    “Clinical and laboratory studies demonstrate that chronic marijuana smokers can experience withdrawal symptoms upon cessation of marijuana smoking and have difficulty abstaining from marijuana use.”
    “…marijuana dependence and expression of withdrawal will also be discussed. Lastly, treatment options that may alleviate withdrawal symptoms and promote marijuana abstinence will be considered.”

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