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New Grow Room ! !

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check out the new set up … 2 – 4×8 tents 2 – quantum 600watt digital ballasts 2 – flipboxs by powerbox 2 – radiant 6″ hoods w/ plantmaxx 600watt bulbs 2 – yieldmaster 2 classic hood w/ dankyu 600watt bullbs 1 – cap valueline 6″ fan hood/room ventilation 1 – oracle 6″ fan tent exhaust/odor 2 – speedster fan speed controllers 1 – 5000 btu frigidare ac 1 – air king wall mount fan 1 – ecoplus wall mount fan any questions ??

20 comments on “New Grow Room ! !

  1. MrSleeps on

    @YOGZ562 oh ok because i’ve seen those before and i couldn’t think of a good way to get them in my tent. just goes to show you if there is a will there is a way lol. keep it green later.

  2. cloccincash on

    damn bro you just gave me so much inspiration for this grow im about to put together. i was planning a 2400w/ 4x 600’s in a bed room about the size of yours but the way you have it makes so much more sense. i could probably run 12 plants in each tent. i already orderd 2 ballast and air cooled hood systems so i could just save the money from the other ballasts and buy flip boxes. Ok this is going on my fav list for sure. Keep us update Yogz. Peace

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