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WTF Obama!

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20 comments on “WTF Obama!

  1. Cryptlord9999 on

    Most of the medical marijuana dispensaries are not patient based and thats why they are going after them, the growers just need to find patients to specifically grow for and then those with their medical exemption cards can get it at a reasonable price, the medical marijuana dispensary in Abbotsford, BC, Canada sells pot for $5 a gram or at cost if its cheaper.

  2. jusblazefull on

    PLEASE HELP america not elect this ASSHOLE!!! i’m sooooo glad that ppl are finally waking up to his SAME policies as bush! It just saddens me that ppl literally voted on his skin color and NOTHING more including some dumb ass white ppl.(I’m white as well). WHERE is the change assholes???? SOOO glad i didnt vote for him, RON PAUL 2012

  3. mainemike52 on

    This is all about cleaning the slate and then having the whole industry taken over by Big-Pharma. It’s has gotten way to big with way to much money involved. People should just use their head and revert back to the old ways. Grow your own weed. Keep your mouth shut. Help your friends out that are unable to do the same. I don’t drink or smoke reffer anymore, but prior to the changes that I have made for myself and the enrichment of my spirituality I did just that for 40 years with no problems.

  4. longboardinman on

    WOW talk about making more jobs obomba, what a champ… lets give him some more money for a bailout and more jobs!!! cause its worked every other time right?

  5. ewigkase1 on

    California should ban DEA agents from getting health coverage. because that is what they are doing to a lot of people.
    Part of the reason I think Obama has flipped flopped is he has some deal with the pharmaceuticals after the health care bill was passed. that is all that bill was about was to get himself rich. it was like he put up the public option on auction and he would give up it up when the better deal came along.. damn it im ranting im just so damn pissed off

  6. theteabagger09 on

    every person on here and that likes marijuana should protest make it legal stop taking medicine away from the sick its a fucking plant it aint bad for u i feel like taking a lit joint blunt etc and sticking it in all there mouths and then let them experience the great feeling u get from it

  7. timcrow420 on

    This type of shit is going to keep happening until us citizens unite, grab our guns and start a revolution, Obama is ruining our country by handing it over to big government

  8. BabylonsKing on

    Look at wheat and His Bomb Squad going after Medical Hemp? Isn’t that why he Got the Peace Prize for being such a Prick? Who would have known this little wheat From Kenya could ever turn out to be such a BLACK TURD?

  9. ewigkase1 on

    no way i am going to vote for Obama what a fuck asshole. please everyone vote for Ron Paul let him win the primary’s he is the only hope for are country right now I like Gery Johnson but dont vote for him he does not have a chance like Ron Paul. are country is going backwards to the roman empire because of unconstitutional laws like the patriot act and the control substance act etc. please vote for Ron Paul! you may not fully agree with him I know I dont but he different from the Obama /bushes

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