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Why I smoke Medical Marijuana

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A lot of comments are asking about my medical condition. I am trying to tell more about my situation so that everyone will know more about Medical Marijuana and its benefits. Some people think that I am abusing it or that I need to be dying in order to use it. I want people to understand that we should all have the freedom to use marijuana. The way the people have set up the laws here in Colorado I am allowed to buy Marijuana from a store and use it responsibly. Cannabis is an all natural flower

20 comments on “Why I smoke Medical Marijuana

  1. MigelMeUp on

    @mineralinsulated I totally agree with you. I just hate hearing people say ‘I have a medical condition’ when they just slipped into the doctor’s office with an apparent chronic back-pain and got themselves a free ticket to ‘medicinal’ cannabis, and then CALL themselves patients (not bagging out those who have chronic back-pain). Just admit that you’re using it for fun. There’s nothing wrong with having a good time. I just hate having these stupid restrictions. Let me smoke my weed in peaceee 🙁

  2. MigelMeUp on

    Also (to R3DBAND), do you prefer to grind, cut, or prick apart with fingers? I’ve been thinking about spending some small cash on a grinder, but then I think to myself ‘that money could be used for more WEED’, so I just use scissors to get it finely cut, what do you recommend for a person planning to smoke on occasion for years to come?

  3. R3DBAND on

    @Xx97EclipseGSTxX It is a shame that you don’t have safe access to meds. I hope that you have health insurance to cover your other medical bills. Get well and stay high.

  4. OfficialTBSR on

    yeah i have adhd and got back artherist, im only 16 but i was on percocets for my back, adderol for adhd, and those 2 pills alone have side affects like crzy, so i told my mom imma smoke it took her awhile to just let me, and she still doesnt want me too, but its better! it really is, im happy i stopped taking those pills, goin to school on them was crazy..

  5. rusticus09 on

    I have a the exact same story. I was diagnosed with depression early on and have been dealing with my stomach being in knots everyday. I don’t think of myself as depressed (especially now) but after an initial prescription of prozac which made me suicidal I pray to Jah for having cannabis for medical use.

  6. R3DBAND on

    @MigelMeUp I use a grinder mostly because it is easiest and leaves my fingers clean. When I first wake up, I don’t want to wait, I want to grind it up and smoke in a hurry. I also like that it chops it up very fine because if it is still moist, it burns more evenly. If you are just an occasional smoker, I would stick with the scissors.

  7. OshiGamaRu on

    thanks for clearing the problem on abusing it cause i know me and alot of smokers of medical marijuana hate it when we get called drug addicts its just not right its medicine for me for you and thousands of other people stay high!

  8. christianzzz09 on

    I am a recreational user of Cannabis-I smoke 0.5 of a gram every night and I did find some negative side effects: I always lose something and spend my time looking for it, even when I’m not ‘high’, I forget so many important things like my unlock-code for my phone and my pin for my credit card. I can concentrate less and feel much more tired troughout the day and have no drive even to get out of bed. Maybe it’s just because I can’t get it legally here in Europe …

  9. EvAnAlMiGhTy1995 on

    growing up ive been told ALL drugs are bad, but my condition is like R3DBAND i cannot eat or maintain my quality of life without cannabis. I’ve been like this since i was 12 and it would just be pills pills pills. The pills fucked me up so badly and had little to no beneficial use. No one ever mention marijuana, so im hoping to become a patient here soon…any tips? I do live in colorado also

  10. marioluvian on

    and you finally gave into these animals don’t you get it they will never be satisfied they sucked dave warden dry. they will just ask for more and more for a vlog then a different channel then a website then they will make you smoke things you don’t feel like smoking They pretty much forced mrthemanweed to stop smoking concentrates and people are always asking ccc420 to smoke blunts

  11. JerseyFatMan on

    I just wanted to say I love your videos and both of you guys talking is really calming. Especially considering the fact that I smoke when I watch you. Though I wanted to thank you two as well. Yesterday I picked up a hemp wick and it really enhanced my smoke. Good suggestion in a way, lol.

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