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Weed Wars Harborside Health Center Medical Marijuana March

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SF City Watch presentation of Pot Talk TV producer Tony De Renzo crosses the bay bridge and captures Harborside Health Center’s Medical Marijuana March in Oakland California. Steve DeAngelo, from Weed Wars, speaks on behalf of the voters and patients in all of the medical marijuana states. It’s time to end these raids on lawful dispensaries and respect state rights.

9 comments on “Weed Wars Harborside Health Center Medical Marijuana March

  1. InfiniteMischief on

    “graciously granted”?…. freedom of assembly..!!! and I’ll bet you filed a notice to have your ‘protest’, the more I follow the harbor side drama the more bullshit floats to the surface… legal drugdealers and I’m a Canadian federal medical cannabis patient. You guys keep giving your money to the cartel that oppresses cannabis for it’s own agenda.  FREE the weed and FREE MARC EMERY!

  2. bardobridge on

    You better belive 0bummer (aka your presidente)…is gonna shut em down too. He is the worst choice for the white house because HE IS JUST GETTING COMFORTABLE! Abolish medical Opiates, not Medical Cannabis

  3. tmalonso on

    Everything is sitting right at 211.9 degrees farenheit…so much of us are tired of waiting for the promised changes to actually occur…its amazing the country is so volatile right now…and all they are doing is passing laws that allow them to imprison citizens indefinitely, tap their communications, and to unlawfully beat and tase them into submission without any long term consequences, oh wait, they ARE doing something about it…how many unconstitutional legislations will we let them pass??

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