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Unboxing a christmas present

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My family sent some money for me to buy a present and I decided to buy a wireless headset for playing Xbox360. I have talked to a few viewers from around the world but the standard headset is terrible. It’s hard to communicate and play a game at the same time. I also wanted to be able to hear the best quality sound I could find (for this price range.) We live in a small apartment and I play games at night so I can’t turn up the volume without a headset like this. I had a normal pair of headphone

20 comments on “Unboxing a christmas present

  1. iSharpshoo on

    make an unboxing of a bong, or atleast some glass, and put the other stuff on your other channels, honestly i dont want to see stuff like a camera or headset

  2. Adam420Dreadz on

    i know what your saying , i just got a set of suround sound headphones for christmas , makes a huge improvement to your gaming expeirence , plus people with the shitty blutooth ones you just wanna mute right away , cause they often interfier with their modem soo theirs like a loud annoying buzzing for everyone else. good call on the turtle beach’s , those and tritan’s are the top two brands for gaming headset’s i was super impressed by sony’s suround sound headset espessially where they were

  3. MrBong420swed on

    i had the turtle beach px21’s and while i was gaming. i had the headset on and while i was gaming the mic just stopped working and 5 min later the earphones stopped working. i was soo pisses. i had only had them for about a week. so pissed.

  4. dclnmcp on

    I have a pair of Turtle Beach X1’s I believe. They are wired and they work fabulously. Sound is great and I can hear everything. No problems with them at all and I don’t have to replace the batteries either. Only 60 bucks too.

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