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Turmel: Vote Dream Team to get John The Engineer

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John The Engineer’s Dream Team of Canadian election candidates from the Christian Heritage, Marxist-Leninist, Canada Action, Libertarian, Rhinocerous, and Green parties who have all endorsed LETS Greendollars at some point so I’m betting they can be trusted now if we sweep them into power to let me reprogram the Bank of Canada’s computer for interest-free loans to finance mass production of free marijuana to fight the cancers from the nuclear fallout now raining on us. Vote the Dr

4 comments on “Turmel: Vote Dream Team to get John The Engineer

  1. kingofthepaupers on

    @CalicoVall if you need anything
    Jct: I need your list of email contacts. All you need to do is tell them to get their Canadian friends to vote the Dream Team and they get the Engineer to fix the money program and finance free marijuana mass production.

  2. kingofthepaupers on

    @CalicoVall wish you were running for Prez down here
    Jct: Check out my Saddleback church video debate with Obama-McCain. And tell any Canadians you know to wise up to their last chance at best odds of surviving. Voting for a lawyer/economist is suicide this time.

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