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CANADA: Federal election information on the Vote to Toke campaign MONDAY MAY 2nd 2011 — VOTE Today all ballots must go! Featuring footage from the 420 Smokeout at Yonge-Dundas event, Toronto Hashmob Davin and Matt, and Hip Hop promoter Johnny Smash urging Canadians to toke the vote in 2011 LINKS Why Prohibition? VOTE 2011: Election Issue – Marijuana Policy TORONTO HASH MOB Cannabis Culture http Pot TV ‘Toke the Vote’ MUSIC VIDEO ’20 minutes’ on

One comment on “TOKE THE VOTE 2011

  1. gk111127 on

    it wont matter how many of you vote. it does not mattyer if the whole country voted. its fixed. its already been deicided. you will see. all the guys u vote 4 wont do shit. its just like changing the head of a company. you can change the person you look at. but the machine keeps moving in the same direction

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