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Time to Legalize Marijuana


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Time to Legalize Marijuana

5 comments on “Time to Legalize Marijuana

  1. RedTigars on

    “She didnt have much of a formal education”…he pretty much just said that she isnt very smart, so her opinion does not count, nor that does that stupid point of referring to a possibly made up story.

  2. IIXcessive on

    that nigger at 10:00 minutes is retarded. its funny when people bring up the gateway theory because marijuana doesn’t make your choices for you to go get cocaine. “YOU” choose to go buy cocaine. he’s also talking about heroin when this is a marijuana debate. like why even bring up heroin cause marijuana and heroin shouldn’t even be in the same sentence together..

  3. RedTigars on

    the host is such a bitch. It just shows how much more controlled pot smokers are than non-smokers. Once they start getting emotionally engaged, they are not thinking straight.

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