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Tim Pawlenty Opposes Medical Marijuana

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Read/hear/watch Cato Institute resources on medical marijuana and the drug war: Watch the full event here:

18 comments on “Tim Pawlenty Opposes Medical Marijuana

  1. 17Spartacus76 on

    Lol this idiot defers to the “wisdom” of a group that profits immensely from stealing property from anyone they accuse of possessing or selling drugs?

    Lynch this asshole.

  2. AtibbsSPARTAN on

    Should he defer to law enforcement about whether probable cause should remain one our rights?

    Putting state concerns before liberty is always the mandate of big government and police state advocates.

  3. 1czelaya on

    That’s an alarming statement that he blindly listens to issues by law enforcement (1 side of story). What about assessing your own ideas Mr. Pawlenty. What about learning the pros and negatives, medicinal, and positive political actions taken with marijuana.

    But the bottom line Mr. Pawlenty, like you, I don’t smoke nor like marijuana. However, I have no right to tell anyone what he/she should puts in their body-especially from some politician. You don’t own anyone’s body. Stop being my nanny.

  4. GompCelticPL on

    Good if you don’t like marijuana then don’t use it. But you have no right to use government to impose your opinion on others you collectivist piece of crap.

  5. mathers3000 on

    Law enforcer, enforce law. In no way should a cops opinion matter on any issue related to law. You Tim are a law maker, and should use a thing called a brain made to make decisions, oh wait, you are a politician, someone already bought your decisions years ago.

  6. Joe11Blue on

    FFS, Medical Marijuana is legal in Arizona, the most Conservative state in the country. FFS we even have McCain as a Senator, and we still have legalized Medical Marijuana. Another statist prick, let me guess the Local Law Enforcement Union backed him.

  7. GetMeThere1 on

    Ahh!!! There’s nothing like deferring to the “judgment and wisdom” of law enforcement!

    That single statement shows he’s a “just more of the same bullshit” kinda guy; and that he gives NO serious thought to the underpinnings of policy or the motivations of those who urge policy (such as: L.E. WANTING more laws and prohibitions, to build up their budgets and their powers).

  8. UTubekookdetector on

    SIR: I’d say CATO is giving him time because CATO wants people to hear both sides of an issue. They’re not going to just promote those who agree with them. With that said, the war on drugs is a gargantuan failure.

  9. PartyPooperBaby on

    Pawlenty needs to disappear.

    Why would the police be against legalization? …uh, well. Duh. Because it’s in their self-interest to keep it illegal so they can have a job and something to do! If there’s less crime, we don’t need as much enforcement, right?

  10. mersk100 on

    Hi I’m Tim Pawlenty, I support liberty for everyone except for those with whom I disagree, and I have what we are calling “facts” from the Stasi, that back up my bid for the office of Moral Adjudicator and Chief.

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