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Super Venum Strain Review & short story.


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Super Venum Strain Review & short story.Some Super Venum Medical Marijuana Strain Review and short story about last night!

20 comments on “Super Venum Strain Review & short story.

  1. droopfrogg on

    Yeah fuckem. If that’s how it is I would be loud so he comes back to bitch again… answer the door with a fat ass bong rip right in his face followed by a “fuck you” and a slammed door. If he knocks again. Open the door and knock him in the nose. Problem solved

  2. Nick420CA on

    @Theforgotenone55 yeah he was shaking standing there with his girl. And was like ” I’m trying to be nice and not call the cops!” lol I smiled what a dick

  3. Theforgotenone55 on

    Thats pretty awesome, I bet you had some bomb ass food there haha. Sick rips as always, and that neighbor needs to chill out. I know how it is with that rock saw shit, I had a person in my neighbor hood using one of those all fuckin day. So annoying. But at least you kept your cool, I would of been pretty pissed if someone complained about my voice being too loud when they were cuttin concrete last night. stay high man.

  4. KoloradoKush970 on

    First off, that bud looks fucking dank! Dude fuck those new neighbors. I hate rude people like that. It’s not like it was the am or anything. Ten is a reasonable time to be loud in your own house, IMO

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