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Stuff From the Future- What is the future of marijuana in the United States?

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By 2011, marijuana had become legal or decriminalized in 15 states. But will it ever become legal? Join Cristen Conger of Stuff Mom Never Told You as she explains the controversy surrounding marijuana, and how this may (or may not) change in the future. http

16 comments on “Stuff From the Future- What is the future of marijuana in the United States?

  1. rusty1491 on

    All public smoking needs to be criminalized in public, but legalized in private residences & businesses.

    Once this happens non-smoking voters will breathe easy and vote yes on marijuana legalization.

  2. nicklin1995 on

    if it was legal it would be made by someone who doesnt care on the quality and just needs to make a certain quota, it will be greatly taxed, kids will always try illegal drugs and there gonna be safer trying marijuana. it should be private business that are still allowed to sell in shops to the public, just like any other vegetation

  3. ReBirthLunatic on

    They need to legalize hemp in the U.S. it has more uses than being smoked.It is easily grown and can survive harsh conditions. Probably the biggest factor is it can be used for fuel.

  4. idontgotnothin on

    @nicklin1995 Thats not true, most people would grow it themselves so the quality is controlled according to their liking. If they do not grow it themselves then they would get it from a dispensery or someone else who grows it that would never sacrifice the quality because so much pride is taken in the growing of marijuana, its an art. In my opinion it would set a new standard in agriculture.

  5. Vexx1978 on

    The federal government is a farce. They ship guns in to mexico, ATF fast and furious program, and shit drugs in but because the big pharma the feds want it illigal. The feds are the real criminals. Fuck the feds

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