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American Weed: Pot or Not? : WED MAR 21 10p et/pt : With the vote hours away, some medical marijuana patients are stocking up in case the vote doesn’t go their way.

20 comments on “Stocking Up

  1. Viracocha711 on

    @Will224000 I had a spinal cord injury & I have been on Oxy for 7yrs. The past year I have had serious problems with my endocrine system (Adrenal glands, Thyroid) & come to find out it is probably the OXY & Percocets. I DO NOT abuse my prescription I take it as directed. Now, I am going to have to go through the process of weaning off & I am worried that will be uncomfortable but my Dr. says he will do it very slow. I WISH I COULD BUY WEED BUT I LIVE IN THE DEEP SOUTH. SUCKS!

  2. WingedSoulies on

    So many closet stonerd here ….
    Legalize only got medical purposes, not so u kids can get high .
    Then when u get addicted n can’t party for it ull be a brain dead begger

  3. demlikposet on

    This is Lawfull good side of the story

    but u know like paladins are very few in the stories ,the very good ones are the fewest ones in this life, people who use marijuana mainly other side of the story

  4. cpmc1 on

    Why not sell THC tablets instead? If it’s for medicine, then it shouldn’t be through the medium of a hypocritically outlawed plant. But then again, it was never really about the medicinal effects, now was it? It’s just an excuse, isn’t it? Otherwise they would make it legal. Tobacco and alcohol are both worse then THC. Not saying that’s a reason to legalize it, just showing the hypocrisy.
    It should be made legal is through no other “motive” as a lack for consistent one’s against it.

  5. greg357159 on

    The US government is in the business of cultivating marijuana over seas (Afghanistan) then smuggling into the our country, (billion dollar crop) laws are in place so there isn’t ANY competition by the sheeple. These psychopaths then buy up the courts and police, to protect themselves from legal prosecution. Bush and Cheney and now Obama haven’t any fear of the laws because they rewrote them. They have the “James Bond” the right to kill. Warning: time is short for the sheeple still asleep.

  6. pinay1988 on

    I’m from Denver and marijuana is such a legit medicine. I will be voting to legalize it because it is no worse than alcohol. However, unlike alcohol, it helps people out with pain rather than depressing the nervous system.

  7. betterdropdatdonk on

    So, you smoke marijuana to cope with your problems is what you’re doing. Aha… Aha…
    She’s a stoner that’s pretty much all there is to it lol. Don’t sugar coat the fact.

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