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Smoking with a new background banner

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I wanted to change up the background so I put that big banner behind us. I have a bunch of movie posters and banners. I used to work at a movie theater and we always got lots of posters and banners for upcoming movies. When they were done with them they were going to be thrown away but I took them home. At the time we lived in a house and we had plenty of room to put up cardboard movie stands. Most of them are in storage now, but a few are easily rolled up and moved around. Thanks for watching P

20 comments on “Smoking with a new background banner

  1. The95969596 on

    You guys are awesome, so chill and you just enjoy smoking weed and know how to have a good relaxed time. I envy that. subscribed, liked and commented, great videos!

  2. R3DBAND on

    @Xx97EclipseGSTxX Let me rephrase that. We haven’t found good bho for dabs. I can get the NikkaT solvent less hash that you’ve seen on tokin daily, but that didn’t dab well. I was just watching his recent hash bowl, and reminded me to do a good melty shot.

  3. Xx97EclipseGSTxX on

    @R3DBAND If there is ever a sale on the edibles I would really like to see a review or something. Maybe some of the beverages or chocolates, I’ve been curious how strong the taste is or if it’s even that noticeable. Thnx

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