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Smoking on a mountain at 4:20

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We hiked up a mountain and smoked a bong bowl of Medical Marijuana on the summit. We barely made it there in time to smoke at 4:20 and with the sun going down we knew we would have to walk back in the dark. That bowl is pretty small so we made a couple more videos after this one. Check out my brother’s channel TheGuyThatCouldFly for a vlog video from that day. I recently taught him how to use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit his videos rather than the YouTube video editor. He has made some really cool

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  1. SonofThor420 on

    I was just wondering. Why are you two moving to Denver? Aren’t there dispensaries in pueblo and the outskirts of Denver, both reasonable distances but not too drastic, where you can continue to purchase your MMJ?

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