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Smoking a joint of Medical Marijuana

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We have gotten many requests to smoke a joint in a video. We don’t normally smoke them but it is a traditional part of the marijuana culture. I used a cigarette roller to roll it and it smoked pretty well. At first it burned up fast, but the joint burned quite well in the end. We use a pair of surgical forceps as a roach clip to hold the joint without burning ourselves. That also makes passing the joint much easier. Joints bring up lots of memories from my past as well as parts of culture. I thi

15 comments on “Smoking a joint of Medical Marijuana

  1. AllDayTroll on

    Fuck I love watching your videos, you guys are so chill and just don’t give a fuck. You should do a video where you roll up a blunt, I’d love to see something like that. Keep doing what you’re doing guys, the vids rock!

  2. pikez17 on

    Hey guycouldfly you look like lifes really been working hard on you, just wanted to send some peace and love your way, I myself have been having a very difficult time the last 2 weeks or so.

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