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Smoking a bong in the forest

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After the last video we walked into the forest with the bong. Everyone smokes in different ways and and for many different reasons. We have our own way of doing things and until we get some real scientific studies I don’t think anybody is doing it wrong. There are many different medical benefits to marijuana, and many people have different debilitating conditions that benefit from consuming cannabis. We are glad to be a part of the community and show some of the fun things we like to do while we

20 comments on “Smoking a bong in the forest

  1. TheShaolinScholar on

    dude about lighters the bic lighter spits out a ton of fluid buy a cheap see through lighter they spit out less lighter fluid an u can taste the herb better! for soo long i though the bic was the best 🙁

  2. MuziqSpirit on

    I love what you guys do here. Unfortunately I’m somewhat of a lonely stoner 🙁 but I love toking up while watching your vids! Keep em coming guys, much love. Peace

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