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Should This Man be Arrested for Easing His Pain?

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According to Texas state law and Federal Law, yes. We need to fix this problem immediately… People who are suffering are being wrongly prosecuted for trying to ease their pain with a safer alternative than the harmful and addicting prescription drugs a doctor prescribed them. This man lives in Texas, where there is no such thing as medical marijuana. He faces jail time if caught, all for easing his own pain and suffering. This pointless prohibition has to be stopped.

6 comments on “Should This Man be Arrested for Easing His Pain?

  1. SexyPirateTV on

    @WakeUpAndLegalizeIt its not right, i live in fort worth, the cops in dallas are fucking pricks, like the cops in fort worth dont really care, like the other day my friend got caught at the mall for stealing, she had like 3 grams of Seeds n Stems to make Weed Tea, the cop searched her and told her to just throw it away, and told her to never go to the mall again.

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