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Should I vlog a marijuana card?

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Should I vlog the process of getting a medical marijuana card? It is legal in California, and would be a fun video to show the process. LIKES = YES DISLIKES = NO VOTE NOW!

20 comments on “Should I vlog a marijuana card?

  1. minglemonkey on

    You should do it, Marijuana is totaly safe and has been proven to help tackle types of cancers, the only reason it is illegal in most parts of the world is because A) the government Tax it as it can easily be grown at home and B) The pharmaceutical companies cant sell it as it is again easy to grow at home. The government are dicks that are stopping us from using this wonderful medication and they need to be stoped. Search “Cannabanoids cure cancer” on youtube to see for youreslf. TOKE UP MAN!!

  2. NancyDrewGameGuides on

    Go for it! Majority of my friends have or regularly smoke weed, and they are all straight a students, charismatic, peacful, kind, and funny. None of my pothead friends are belligerent or moochers with no prospects, and if they are then pot isnt to blame. Can someone tell me.. is it really as easy as saying you have depression or anxiety or something, to get a card?

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