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Ron Paul Speech To National Organization For The Reform Of Marijuana Laws Or NORML (1988)

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June 17, 1988 NORML

20 comments on “Ron Paul Speech To National Organization For The Reform Of Marijuana Laws Or NORML (1988)

  1. rwalkenhorst on

    Ron Paul is the only candidate who will stand up to right-winger boos to oppose the idiotic War on Drugs that has disproportionately destroyed black families and communities. He pleads for the American people to help him get government’s boot off the throat of minorities. By what stretch of the imagination is this man a racist?

  2. YaHuWaHservant on

    @dragnet53 Are you trying to say their are no racist news letters? Really? I guess since you can’t disprove his racism you will just deny the proof! Ron Paul wants to let racism in the states be allowed to go unchecked!

  3. YaHuWaHservant on

    @dragnet53 Nope, Ron Paul authorized Racism with his signature and profited from it. Obama was deceived by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Totally different! Ron Paul is racist

  4. MOXNEWSd0tC0M on

    Do You understand what the drug war has done to people of color?
    Or are You a Drug War Profiteer?
    Which in a way would make You a racist wouldn’t it?
    Who do You support??? If it’s not Dr Paul then it IS someone who wants to drop bombs on Muslims!
    So You Know :)~MOXy

  5. rwalkenhorst on

    @FoxNewzLies Of course you are correct that he would not exercise unconstitutional power over the states, but wouldn’t it be a giant step forward to at least get the militarized federal goons out of this? Yes, many states would continue their nonsensical prohibition, but I really doubt they would be dumb enough to waste resources and destroy liberty at the rate the feds are.

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