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Ron Paul asked about Marijuana 12-16-11

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14 comments on “Ron Paul asked about Marijuana 12-16-11

  1. ruffeeh on

    His policy of allowing the states to enforce laws can only lead to a predicament of supplying cannabis to patients only at first, similar to how the system of marijuana dispensaries is beginning to function now, then maybe also to all adults, but eventually, the smaller vendors will give way to big corporations, simply because there’s money to be made. They won’t allow for legalization, but on the other hand, it’s really hard to stop people from growing their own. This is why we have this war.

  2. GnosticNinja on

    @LighterOfDewbies I got a better one.
    No consent to their policies, acts, statutes, regulation et al.
    No victim, no crime. No jurisdiction “ALL Rights Reserved”
    Those are not Laws.
    The Judge, (actually only an administrator) has conflict of interest.
    He can’t be impartial because he makes money by way of ‘legalized’ extortion and your ass in a private ‘for profit’ prison.

  3. LighterOfDewbies on

    @GnosticNinja Unfortunately its not really in our power not to “consent” to their throwing us in jail if we get caught smoking pot, etc. They will do it regardless of whether or not we consent or if its right. I like your enthusiastic opposition to bad laws but your post is more that of sarcasm. Jury nullification really is a good way to circumvent these unjust laws, if we could somehow get the word out about it and if people would actually use it.

  4. LighterOfDewbies on

    Hey man I don’t know if you’ve done a piece on it yet but you should make a video about “jury nullification”, that would be a good way to get the word about it. Basically if anyone is ever put on a jury for someone who’s getting tried for a marijuana/drug crime they should find the defendant “not guilty” even if they know for a fact he/she smoked pot, etc. This is a good and direct way that we can change our laws and help make them fairer.

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