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Ron Paul: Allow the States to Regulate Marijuana

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15 comments on “Ron Paul: Allow the States to Regulate Marijuana

  1. LightsEShadows on

    I like him for many things, but definitely NOT this. Marijuana is a bad drug, no way. Wow, such big fall for Ron Paul on this issue, I very hope he will pass away.US consitution was for preserve freedom, not let peoples become drug’s slave.

  2. vibrantwonder on

    @LightsEShadows Prohibition doesn’t work. It didn’t work for alcohol and it doesn’t work for marijuana. Do you realize how many people have bad reactions to legal pharmaceutical drugs? What is your basis for saying marijuana is a bad drug?

  3. scorpieaux on

    Ron Paul is the most honest guy in politics. That’s why many folks thinks he’s off the wall. He speaks the truth about what our freedom in this country really should be like. Thanks Ron Paul!!! You have my undivided attention…. and vote.

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