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Rockbudder hash on a Healthstone with close ups


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Rockbudder hash on a Healthstone with close upsWe set up both cameras to get some close up shots of the Rockbudder. I let a couple of these get too warm on the way home so they melted together and turned into shatter. The powder has a lot more flavor and it’s easier to load on our piece. Our website – Buy a shirt Send us mail – Follow @r3dband on Twitter – Friend us on Facebook – Like us on Facebook – Dan’s channel – Mark’s chann

20 comments on “Rockbudder hash on a Healthstone with close ups

  1. canna bis on

    Blue cheese is definitely heavy on the indica side – I’m smoking a bowl of flower in my little bubbler right now . It’s a popular strain here in the UK because the Cheese strain (a cheesy tasting phenotype of Skunk#1 I believe) originated here

    UK Cheese was then crossed with renown grower DJ Shorts Blueberry strain by Barneys Farm (and Big Buddha Seeds) in the Netherlands.

    I’m not sure about the Big Buddha version, but it’s worth noting that the Barney’s version is high in CDB 1.1% I think

  2. backspacesquare on

    id think with the blowtorch it would burn up before going into the bong, but still heating the bowl to the desired temp. with a normal lighter its just a flame not a jet of fire, so some butane might escape into the bong. just what i think

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