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Random, Funny, Lulzy, Sporadic High Rant !!

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Yeah I am basically talking in the funniest way possible while being high lol. I hope you enjoy my highness…yes I’ve never acted or felt so strange before. It was like my mouth was moving on its own thus making my voice sound very funny and strange. tags: supersmash43, high, “Getting high”, “funny rant”, weed, marijuana, bong, lulz, funny, “epic win”, rubberish, “no weed”, “getting high without weed”, “sittin on da toilet”, kitchen, “acting funny”, “acting strange”, “talking funny”, crazy, “hi

18 comments on “Random, Funny, Lulzy, Sporadic High Rant !!

  1. CarlChipSanders on

    I saw rick perry sucking Mitt Romneys dick and I thought “what would supersmash do in this situation?” So I ran up and Screamed “falco punch!” and knocked out perry and romney.

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