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Pre 98 BuBBA and SOUR D


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Pre 98 BuBBA and SOUR Doregon medical marijuana program div8 i really dont know where to start other than WOW, really kid? when i see someone who has been growing for no more than a year or so , and they MAKE YOUTUBE videos claiming to have all the info and claiming to be a ”top shelf” grower and talking talking talking in every video ide expect to get solid good grow info….bhahaha fkn little kids..THIS IS A BIG BOYS GAME, you can polly pocket camera face time all you want ,it dosnt make you any better…#1- ALWAY

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  1. KoMAgrows on

    ive always said this…thats why for the first 2 years i grew here on yt i didnt say hardly anything…no point. lol if you know anything about any industry ”greenhorns” ”rookies” ”babies” whatever nickname they have , those noobs ,like i once was, have no place in talking…non whatsoever, documenting there grows is different, that actually might be helpfull..but when they say ”THIS IS HOW TO DO IT” and ”it” isnt very good, then wtf?

  2. thebushdocter100 on

    keeping it rolling along nicely bro..i never talk on any videos its illegal where i’m at and to ripped most off the time anyway, thankfully there’s good beats which is better than me talking shit about how i do things, but dont mind giving advice if im sure its right. keep it green bro. peace :)””

  3. Stickysickness1 on

    Klassic koma roots…. I’ve asked you tons of times how to do that….. And you always hooked a brotha up! Check my roots out if u get a chance. No hygrozyme for a year now… Basically, just let them do their thing! Thanks man!

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