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POLICE BRUTALITY – Nazi Cops Shoot Student For Smoking Marijuana

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20 comments on “POLICE BRUTALITY – Nazi Cops Shoot Student For Smoking Marijuana

  1. skb0rzn on

    @mrconradhoppe thanks, I do believe in the rule of law, but the laws are simple, HARM NO ONE.
    Simple laws, You cannot harm anyone or their property, you cannot hinder anyone else’s freedoms.
    So all the speeding, parking, drug laws GO OUT THE DOOR. All of the fund raising laws and fines MUST GO.
    Start putting the money into educating students and parents, help communities don’t harm them, stop putting fathers and mothers in jail for WEED! STOP IMPORTING COCAINE TO THE HOOD! Raise the masses.

  2. mrconradhoppe on

    @skb0rzn somebody spammed ur excellent comment I will repost it, and you could too. Pigs of any kind, even in the hood, shouldnt shoot people. What do they need guns for? They are to assist people on the hwy who are broke down and to make sure kids are not to loud at parties, thats it, thats all theyre good fer. they get pd way too much to be fat asses and enforce the devils laws

  3. HiPointMan on

    this is what we have comming . so i hope more people will wake up to the fact the DECRIMINALIZATION is the only thing that will stop the sensless cop shootings .the government sells deals buys arms more people with guns drugs and hate then anyone in the world. just google people you will see what real story is. they want slaves and you guys got what you wanted CHANGE hope you all like your police state.

  4. MrBuckwilliam on

    cops get paid vacations for this kind of work… the bastards!
    there is no justice for most of these criminals that wear a badge which is meant to show they are to be trusted. one day, they’ll pay

  5. skb0rzn on

    Remember there are millions more of us, we can at ANY TIME stop listening, stop paying taxes and shut down this criminal system of banks and politicians. TAKE THE RESOURCES FROM THEM. If they cannot afford cars and bullets they cannot shoot us. BUT BUT BUT!!! We the free people MUST TAKE BACK OUR NEIGHBORHOODS and clean them up. Make the crack-head pay his dues, make the violent criminal or sexual abuser or wife beater PAY FOR THEIR ACTIONS. Yes it is up to US to take the law in our hands.

  6. mrconradhoppe on

    REMEMBER: FOLLOW A COP HOME DAY! Take a day and catch the cops /TSA workers on a shift change, follow them home and let them know we know where they live. When they stop feeling invisible and invencible they will cut this shit out.

    I have a quote on my profile from Alexander Solzhenitsyn – check it out.

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