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Pain Management

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American Weed: Marijuana Drama: WED FEB 22 10p et/pt : Meet Bill, a bipolar manic depressive with chronic back pain who uses medical marijuana to maintain a more comfortable standard of living.

20 comments on “Pain Management

  1. IvIustangsvt2003 on

    @sparrowlink because the government knows all these other prescription drugs will go bye bye if they legalize weed. their lies will also be exposed. just my opinion.

  2. kiddhitta on

    @Territomauvais So when people do drugs that make them go insane and not give a shit about themselves or others and end up killing someone is no one else’s business? Great logic

  3. hotrod1ish on

    Our gov is whacked. I use morphine and opiates for tthe pain of 2 spinal surgeries, suffer withdrawls all the time, and they have the bals to tell me I cant try THC for pain relief? Bastards

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