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OMMP GROW Day 42 Flushing

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Final Flush A week before I harvest my medical marijuana I like to do a final flush. This flush is designed to rid the medium of excess salts, nutrients, heavy metals or any other toxins that have accumulated. There are many flushing agents available at your hydro store, but I like Final Phase by Advanced Nutrients. All plants respond differently to a pre-harvest flush, But i use only fresh reverse osmosis 0ppm water without ph adjusters.

14 comments on “OMMP GROW Day 42 Flushing

  1. CannabisConsumers on

    No you didn’t say that, but by looking at those they seem like they could go more than one week like it says in the description. Awesome room keep it up everythings super frosty

  2. SAUFRE001 on

    sly fuckn sick, lookn good for your patients. man i wish i was up there with all you ommp growers up there. ohh well not to far just northern cali bro so if you are headed down hit a brother up.

  3. Bret1Maverick on

    There ya go. Im gona start flushing after week 6 too. Heard KoMA, say that Soma said “theres nothing you can do to change anythign after the 6th week”. Made allot of sence to me, so im gona do a 15-20 day flush too.

    BTW I noticed you liked my Vac purge video. Thank you. Cant belive how many views and likes that thing got in the past 4 weeks. Its amazing. 250likes 9 Must be doing somthing right.

  4. VertLip on

    good job sly, looks fucken great, your shit always is frosty and looks so fucken bomb always. i need to get some of that grapeftruit diesel….. I am stuck with alot of cali connection stuff right now. but they are all so good. i Love weed, its my passion

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