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Obama’s DEA Raids Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Washington State

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5 comments on “Obama’s DEA Raids Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Washington State

  1. BabylonsKing on

    DEA= Dead Eroded Assholes…Time to get busy Running the Wall Street Gang in Washington out next Election. Starting with the Main Stupid looking big eared dumb ass from Kenya. He is an ILEAGAL CITIZEN and is Posing as the President. Why don’t the so called Cops or DEA, FBI, go after that jerk off. What Goes Around Comes Around Fed Agents so you better watch your ass boys.

  2. unequalibrium19 on

    Marijuana kills nobody. No reason for an OD warning, it’s safe. With our cash strapped economy, the gangs, and the drug cartels… the DEA apparently still have some resources and keep wasting them on tax paying state legal businesses. It’s not true the DEA is only raiding businesses not in compliance with state law, they raided Matt Cohen’s Northstone Organics in Northern California. Every plant they grew had been taxed 25$ by the Mendocino County Sheriff. Disgusting news.

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