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No Wonder Big Pharma Doesn’t Want Marijuana Legal

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March 27, 2011 MSNBC

20 comments on “No Wonder Big Pharma Doesn’t Want Marijuana Legal

  1. hypnofan35 on

    @watercup123456 Patenting and patent law is what is used to keep a better or even good system to take over. We don’t believe what we use is “shitty” because it is what we are forced to use and not given an option to even “know of”. It is odd that these much better technologies can be “done away with” by governmental collusion and general greedy insipidity. The option is simple safe, but “non central” and non cetralizable”, That’s why it is buried.. It;s a simpler, safer, more efficient tech.

  2. helltrackrider on


    Of course it wouldnt…dont think i have ever claimed it would.

    It would, however, remove the “legilization” over the use of Force.

    Claiming that the use of Force upon peaceful people can be justified is horribly naive…this is Governments business plan.

  3. Strutinan on

    @127miles I *WAS* going to thumb-up your comment, but that Holocaust crack….no, just….no. Persecution and incarceration of millions of people IS bad, but not AS BAD AS the persecution and INSTITUTIONALIZED MASS MURDER of tens of millions of people FOR BEING BORN. Let alone “worse than”.

    You want something to compare the Holocaust to? In the modern day even? Google “African Witch Children”, there is your tithe money at work, as well as every cent you ever donated to religious charities.

  4. greyflcn on

    Your choices are only as good as your options.

    And given all countries in the world, as evidence, I don’t think you can find one that really supports your position.

    I don’t think the choice you are putting forward, with the outcome you are suggesting is realistic.

  5. helltrackrider on


    Now…in your opinion; is evil (in general) necessary for the world to spin and for humanity to survive?

    Certainly evil would exist without Governments around; but certainly not to the extent that it exists today as every territory on Earth is laid claim to by a “Government” who lays claim to the violence and theft over this general territory; no matter who lives there or if they agree with the violence and theft.

    Without Governments; this extent would not exist.

  6. nonaCbarC on

    It’s usual ppl to argue against someone for what he has said. It’s usual ppl to argue against someone for what he hasn’t said. In my personal life I only know one person who argues that way: my gf. LOL
    The issue of corporate personhood should be dealt in the court, since it’s been a decision of the court. If ppl wanna go for some sort of legislation, then amending the 14th amendment is the way. I’m sure that you wouldn’t want that. 😀 Note that Dr. Paul is a legislator, not a judge.

  7. helltrackrider on


    “unregulated private use of violence”…I didnt say it would, nor did i say this is what would be achieved.

    One thing is for certain though; violence and theft is not good – it is evil.

    Any entity which does evil actions is an evil entity …. put it together; Government is evil.

    No matter what one may claim the government does good or virtuous; it achieves all its outcomes from violence and theft…evil.

  8. helltrackrider on


    Im not putting a “choice” forward…I am simply putting a universal philosphy forward that violence and force cannot exist as morally accepted; this would inherently remove the Government.

    Would violence and force still exist?…Yes, almost certainly.

    Would it exist at the level it is today?…No.

    Would there be measures to address involuntary violence and force?…Yes, the market would determine the most effective measures to address these…

  9. hypnofan35 on

    @greyflcn It is about basic energy conversion, capture, storage and power conversion. It is a science that developed side by side with power generation, but rapidly dissappeared when “internal combustion engines” developed. It is because you can generate energy and save the heat or turn it into power out. You don’t believe it exists because it has been purposefully done away with so as to aument government and central control of a vital resource. It’s sad but true, and now we have plutonium.

  10. greyflcn on

    Because their cycle life is horrible. Which pretty much eliminates them from utility usage.

    Unground pumped hydropower, or adiabatic compressed air energy storage. Now those could work. But hydrogen is just silly.

    Especially given all of it’s thermodynamic losses in conversion.

  11. Strutinan on

    @greyflcn Ah, now that I can see the text you were replying to, I understand the confusion. The original poster was passing off something about power GENERATION with hydrogen, whereas I am pointing out its utility as a municipal power regulating medium (given advances in the past couple years).

    Now as for power GENERATION, check out salt-storage solar plants and new-gen thermal depolymerizers, some VERY cool stuff going on there…possibly even world-changing.

  12. 127miles on

    @Strutinan I say holocaust because the american government has known for 40 years now that Weed when turned into hemp oil cure ALL types of cancers. AND many other Diseases such as Alzheimer. Now if you count the number of people who died of cancer world wide in the last 40 years.. you get MILLIONS!! Probably more than 40million…and Dont tell me cancer isnt man made. You cant say that cancer has gone up a thousand percent! ‘oh but the sun’ fuck that. its the fluoride and aspartame & Much more.

  13. helltrackrider on


    Wasnt aware i mentioned “Federal” Government…

    I mentioned the term “Government” in general; the legalized monopoly over violence leads to corruption.

    Governments use violence to enforce compliance; compliance with the Laws that the Government passes – Laws of which will be geared towards larger, more wealthy corporations who can afford to fund corruption …. Laws that will limit – if not remove – competition.

  14. helltrackrider on


    All the countries around the world have one thing in common….violence and force.

    People within all these countries, including the United States, are brainwashed to believe that because it is the “Government” perpetrating the violence and force it is okay — and that this principle cannot exist universally to the citizenry…or else they are forced to be subordinate to the “Government”

  15. helltrackrider on


    Ron Paul has one flaw … he agrees that “Government” is necessary.

    The Constitution doesnt regulate “Corporations” nor “Persons”; so, it isnt strange at all – what is strange is that we have a land where 300+ million people believe that violence and theft is necessary for survival – that violence and theft being perpetrated by ficticious entities that call themselves “Governments”

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