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Newt Gingrich SHITS on Legalizing Marijuana: HOW NEWT LOST in 2012!

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20 comments on “Newt Gingrich SHITS on Legalizing Marijuana: HOW NEWT LOST in 2012!

  1. dkbcps990 on

    Fuck Newt with a Marijuana bud so he can feel our pain that we cant make go away with Oxycontin sad big drug company make millions so they dont want the people to make there share Fuck the big brother bastards

  2. kickback14 on

    Can someone please just beat the shit out of newt already. I cant stand that ugly look he always has on his face.He is the most ignorant piece of shit.If your that fucking stupid and you are were he is right now there is only one explanation.Hes a fucking puppet.

  3. DerpPurp420 on

    aaaaahahahahaha how is that people is so FUCKING stupid? Do we have to wait for these people to get cancer or some serious disease before they get it through there thick fucking skulls that this needs to fucking stop. Shit even if they did get cancer they prob. wouldn’t even use marijuana to cure it because there stupid. And execution? what are we fucking middle earth now? Are we gonna bring the guillotine and start wearing knights armor again? RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!

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