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Nay Recognized at County Marijuana Law Meeting!

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20 comments on “Nay Recognized at County Marijuana Law Meeting!

  1. TheRadboy84 on

    a organised political movment for canabis(wich we already have many of) would not help the fact that theres a massive border that could be crossed with legal weed here and sold for way more south of the border,this is the problem.

  2. TheRadboy84 on

    If we legalized in canada it would cause probs with our relations and heres why. We have the biggest unprotected border in the world, if we could buy weeed legally in stores in canada youd have a substance in high demand in the u.s and it would be legal to buy it up here, it would be insane to try to regualte the flow of legal cannabis over such a big border, thats why we cant legalize till the u.s duz,we would have drug trafficing go through the roof.

  3. TheRadboy84 on

    If you want to see how canadians protest our weed laws typ in you tube ‘420 in ottawa’, every year we walk directtly on to the front lawn of our Parlement Buildings(cops everywere!) and at 4.20pm thousands light up right on the lawn of our version of the white house. could you imagine people lighting joints by the thousands litterally 30 feet from the front doors of the white house? we follow what the u.s says everybody in canada nows that shit.

  4. pac6010 on

    You still have to pay a fricking fine though, probably a $200 + one too. I wouldn’t exactly cal that progressive…… although its not exactly draconian either.

  5. pac6010 on

    Where not gonna impose trade embargoes against you. Its just not in our best interest to do that to a country thats such an allie and so close. You guys can pass any laws you want regarding social change like marijuana legalization for personnel use. Look at the US states and city’s that already have that in effect, our own government inst boycotting us or withholding their funds. Blaming the US for Canada Marijuana laws is like Blaming the US for Mexico’s drug/gun problems. Start at home first.

  6. TheRadboy84 on

    well i do not blame america lol but we tend to be more liberal up here and the super conservitive bible thumping right wing element in the u.s is ruining our right and we dont live in your country so i find that a bit fucked up that a forien countrys probs directly affect our countrys laws when we the people dont agree..i dont hate the u.s fyi 🙂

  7. pac6010 on

    Right nobody hates anyone here but I’m saying that you guys need to change on your own right ? As much as I want too, I can’t vote super conservative Canadian politicians out of office, but you guys can lol. I happen to live around Chicago so its pretty liberal here, not too many bible thumpers to yell at. Even here though people can vote change into office at any time they just have to want it bad enough and translate that into a local political movement. Some places that has really paid off.

  8. TheRadboy84 on

    the main reason marijuana is not legal and controlled in all of canada is unfortunatly becasue of trade and international relations with the U.S. there have been so many polls that show we support the legalization but our poloticians cant pass a federal bill because it would esentially ruin our relationship with the U.S.

  9. Maximillian Headroom on

    this is a great example of like minded individuals coming together to get it done or in this case the beginning of a what I’m sure will be a huge battle for sometime to come…

  10. CheechNBong4200 on

    Baby steps..We have HB0030 that’s going up for vote in November and I believe it was three votes shy of passing last year. We can only cross our fingers and call our Representatives I have no problem paying $200-$500 if I get caught, rather than getting arrested–having a court appearance–spending way more than $200 for a good lawyer–and the possibility of some jail time. New law = no arrest, no jail, and no criminal record.

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