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Nanny of the Month (March 2011): Drug Warrior-in-Chief Barack Obama!

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Last month, recognized Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) as our nation’s most irritating scold after he busted out a sneak attack on the the world’s oldest profession. This time top dishonors go to the Drug Warrior-in-Chief Barack Obama, whose DEA banned fake pot, thwarted a scientist’s decade-long campaign to study marijuana, and raided dispensaries in Montana and California—all in one month! (Seems like only yesterday when Obama promised he wouldn’t waste Justice Department resources raiding

11 comments on “Nanny of the Month (March 2011): Drug Warrior-in-Chief Barack Obama!

  1. xtheangryflowerx on

    I hope some of those idiots who kept saying ‘Obama will legalize pot’ watch this….because it sure has grown tiresome hearing the propaganda mines spouting it off!

  2. bsabruzzo on

    Okay, I have no problem with people who want to do to their bodies any damage they can imagine. I also don’t care is another person wants to use a substance to make them slow-witted or inable to function in the world… as long and these don’t indirectly harm other’s who don’t want those results.

    So, if inhaling anything other than O2 is bad, why smoke MJ? Why can’t one use nasal THC or pills or injections?

  3. abadubie on

    Obama is a lying piece of crap. The DEA needs to be de-funded. Wikileaks revealed that the DEA was doing political favors for overseas dignitaries, specifically to spy on their political enemies. If that’s not bad enough, these mostly European dignitaries didn’t even have to pay the DEA for their services. Know what that means? We paid for the DEA to conduct overseas surveillance against political enemies of some politically influential eurotrash.

  4. MagnusIan on

    Years ago when sitting in a coffee shop with friends, a group of obvious stoners somehow started a conversation with us. When asked why they were all voting for Obama, they said because he’d legalize pot. I laughed by ass off then and I’m still laughing at those idiots now.

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