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MW3: Marijuana Zombies

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Don’t do marijuana kids according to the government it will turn into zombies and not the cool movie kind HAHAHAHAHA

14 comments on “MW3: Marijuana Zombies


    if we wanted to get really pedantic and technical about it there haven’t been any deaths from weed,tobacco yes

    i think its just a big scare campaign,the guy is just a crazy fuck nothing more nothing less

  2. S1eepyHeadzZzZz on

    Besides, if you want to scare people into believing that marijuana should be illegal, let sarah palin smoke the shit and see how many ppl will follow after…great video bro

  3. gbanger123456 on

    Hey guys i just started a mine craft lets play on my channel episodes will hopefully be out once every week i just want some new subscribers and some feedback would be nice. thanks 🙂

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