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Muffins of Mass Destruction

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Muffins of Mass Destruction Weed Cannabis Marijuana Hysteria

12 comments on “Muffins of Mass Destruction

  1. DackIsBack on

    @Elenkhos Yep, Cannabis is less toxic than coffee, nutmeg(actually quite toxic, should we ban it? NO.) and chocolate…. And so many other benign substances.

    The LD50 of plain chocolate is somewhere around 11lbs… The theobromine will kill you.

    Coffee isn’t all that toxic, But if you ad nutrasweet you’re asking for trouble, Aspartame & Neotame is many, many, Many times more toxic than most food product additives out there.

    So be careful with those munches. 😀

  2. DackIsBack on

    @RobWillieJesse Yep, Prozac shuts receptors down, Ritalin is a synthetic stimulant similar to methamphtamine…

    Id agree that a herbal treatment is less damaging / more effective, But drug companies don’t profit from natural medicine. 😉

    Thanks for teh comment.

  3. Elenkhos on

    There is no such thing as DANGEROUS levels of THC. Utter bullshit. However if homey backed them muffins with THC in them, he is looking at life in prison. What a dumb ass.

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